Colourful love parties

My wish for you is to have a joyful, stress-free, sing from the rooftops kind of wedding day – a day where you can be fully present with your friends and family and not have to worry about a thing.


I can whip up a witty creative narrative to share your love story in style, or rock up with a box of donuts, just to tick the legal boxes; either way, you’ll get to marry that sweet love of yours.

Illustration: A scoop of vanilla ice cream and two simple blue spoons nestled in a pink bowl with stars on it.


From $860

Scoop for Two

(aka Legals Only)

I come to you, say some magic words, and *presto* you’re married. This package includes all of the essentials but none of the fluff, so that you can marry your love without a big fuss. 
Psst…it doesn’t have to be at home either—choose the pub, the park, or the nature strip outside, and I’ll be there.


  • Straight up ceremony, minimal guests, no fluff
  • Ring exchange, quick personal vows (Optional)
  • No love story, rituals or readings
  • Vow cards
  • 1 planning meeting, in person or from afar
  • My ‘Complete Guide to Legal Weddings’ so you have all the info you need in one place
  • Optional food pick-up by me (what better way to celebrate?)
  • As an add-on, I can even bring witnesses (heads up, you need 2)
  • Gemma’s Legals Only “Box of Treats”!
    A little thank you box from me, filled with hand-picked goodies to keep the party going. The box includes your marriage certificate + some extra fun things.
Illustration: a tall sundae glass of ice cream drizzled with pink topping, piled with whipped cream and topped with rainbow sprinkles, along with two blue spoons.


From $1610

Sundae Your Way

My most popular package!

We have oodles of room for creativity with this package.
If it’s a short & sweet custom ceremony you’re after, or a full theatrical production, this is the package for you!

Whether you want something grand and elaborate, or offbeat and unconventional, I’ll craft a 100% fun and uniquely YOU experience from start to finish.


  • Your ceremony, your way;  limitless possibilities
  • Love story, custom rituals and readings (optional)
  • Ring exchange, personal vows, I dos (optional)
  • Up to 3 planning meetings – in person, or from afar
  • Unlimited email and calls pre wedding
  • Rehearsal to help melt away any nerves
  • Use of my PA system to mic up for the crowd
  • Personalised vow cards
  • Official certificate from Births, Deaths and Marriages
  • My Complete Guide to Fun Love Parties booklet to help you choose your own adventure
  • Gemma’s Sundae Special “Box of Treats”!
    A little thank you box from me, filled with hand-picked goodies to keep the party going. The box includes your marriage certificate, your ceremony script + some extra fun things.
Illustration: a large dessert dish laden with bananas and 3 scoops of different flavours of ice cream, slathered in 3 different topping sauces, whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles, and a bright red cherry on top of each peak. Two spoons rest in the dish, with decorative hearts on the handles.


From $2310

Cherry On Top!

This package is the whole kit & caboodle!
You’ll get everything in the Sundae Your Way package, a 100% uniquely YOU experience, as well as a plethora of fun add-ons to make your day extra special!

Includes everything in the Sundae Your Way package, plus:

  • 1x custom candy heart wall hanging  from Candy & Kitsch
  • 1x anniversary piñata
  • 5x instax polaroid photos
  • Bottle of champagne
  • Gemma’s Cherry On Top “Box of Treats”!
    A little thank you box from me, filled with hand-picked goodies to keep the party going. The box includes your marriage certificate, the fun pen you signed your certificates with, your ceremony script + some extra fun things. 


From $5310

The Whole Damn Dessert Bar

This package is just way over the top, a real “shut up and take my money!” kind of a deal. I figure you’re only doing this once, and you’re planning on doing it big, so I’ve gotten together with some truly spectacular independent artists to bring you The Whole Damn Dessert Bar!

This celebration smorgasbord gives you everything in the Cherry on Top package, throws in my MC services, then dials the sprinkles up to ten (hundred and) thousand with custom artworks commissioned from my favourite creators and all-round magical babes!

Jess from Candy & Kitsch is a sugar-fuelled artistic powerhouse with an eagle eye for detail and upcycling. She’s followed her tinsel-covered dreams to become renowned as the one and only candy heart queen and wreath-makin’ machine.

With love and pugs, Jess will whip up a glittery fabulous craft storm and create a custom-made, one-of-a-kind Awreatha, just for you! These wreaths are vintage-inspired, delightfully tacky works of art, and yours will be chock full of your favourite things. 

It will have you and all your guests squealing with delight, and be a fabulous feature in your home for many years to come.

Stevie motherlovin’ Winter is the genius sparklebrain behind my visual branding; she made every delectable hand-drawn image you see on this website. Her work has been in Hello May and Rock’N’Roll Bride, and now, it’s gonna be in your wedding.

Stevie will draw your very own couples portrait, delivered digitally two months before your nups.

Once you have it in your hot little hands (inbox,) you can let your imagination run wild! Print it on canvas and display it at your love party. Make stickers for your guests. Send it to the baker to put on your wedding cake so everyone can eat your face. Get matching tattoos. Have a mural of it painted across your entire living room wall.

MC - That's Me!

I’ll be at your shindig the whole damn time, taking your fans & friends from ceremony to send-off.  I’ll make sure the vibe is just right, I’ll keep my eyes on the schedule so you don’t have to, and I’ll throw in my very best and worst dance moves for free.  


From $1405

Keep the party going with my MC Services!

Why stop at a ceremony? Book me for your Love Party Afterparty and I can keep the vibes high for the whole shebang!

Before I became a celebrant, a close friend asked me to MC her wedding reception. 

I realised that bringing joy, laughter and ease into their day was the best gift I could give (plus I was really good at it.) But if I’m honest, it still felt like I was ‘on the job’ so I couldn’t completely kick back and enjoy the celebrations. 

If you want to allow your friends and family to party on without being in that position, pick me to be your MC and let everyone enjoy the shindig!

(Enthusiastic and daggy dance moves included free of charge.)


  • Me! MCing your wedding reception- making sure everyone knows what is happening, when and where.
  • A planning meeting (in person, or from afar)
  • A collaborative Unscrambling Session, to make sense of what’s going to be happening on the night
  • Unlimited email and calls pre wedding
  • Up to 5 hours of MC duties
  • Save when you add MC Services to your Sundae Your Way or Cherry On Top Booking!

P.S. Themed Weddings Rock

I get SUPER excited about niche themed events and costumes, and if a themed ceremony is what floats your boat, I’m 1000% here for it. I have a background in music performance and am happy to sing as part of a ceremony. If you want, I can even dance badly (but enthusiastically!) Honestly, I can’t help myself when the music comes on.

All packages include travel up to 70km return journey from my home in the South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Additional charges may apply if the wedding venue is further. 

I love an adventure and am happy to travel – get in touch.